March 22nd round up

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Education is a right

Between 200,000 and 300,000 took to the streets on March 22nd against the tuition fee hike and in defence of accessibile education.

Here is an overview in videos!

The video shows the ampleur of the demo – quarter millions people according to some estimates:

The speech by one of the spokespersons of CLASSE at the end of demo at Place Jacques Cartier, Old Montreal (the translation of the speech is in the comments):

The speech by the spokespersons of CLASSE at Metropolis at the end of the day, with subtitles:

complete text of the speech is available on mediacoop.


Other interesting videos:

Taken by a student, shows the 2km long demo passing by from one vantage point:

Interesting images/video showing various signs and participation:

Manifesto of “Printemps Erables” with the backdrop of demo, with english subtitles (press CC)

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