Why Should We Strike: 23 answers for students 

A research document published by Free Education Montreal with arguments for the strike.

(updated January 2012); Booklet format for printing

 on 2012 Tuition hike

and its consequences, roots of funding problems and solutions
Are Tuition Increases the Best Option to Improve University Funding? By Graduate Students’ Association

What is CLASSE and why join CLASSE?

CLASSE (Coalition large de l’ASSÉ) is a temporary coalition formed around l’ASSÉ (the Association for Solidarity among Student Unions) in order to fight against the tuition hikes and to coordinate the unlimited general strike that will take place in the winter of 2012. Thus the goal of this coalition is to open up the structure of ASSÉ to non-member student associations in order to build a broad, assertive movement.

Legal advice for international students during strikes and protests

International students’ rights & immigration concerns during peaceful protests & occupations:
Some answers to common questions (based on extensive consultations with an immigration lawyer & a legal committee)


Creating Departmental or Faculty Associations

for direct and participative democracy to empower all members

This document is aimed at students working on campuses where no student association exists at the department or faculty level. Where associations do exist, many of these principles can still be applied.

1. Importance of organizing and mobilizing from the grassroots

Creating departmental or faculty associations is more effective, democratic and participatory than centralized structures. Departments are where people spend most of their time, working and meeting with people in their discipline. The formation of mobilized and ideally militant departmental associations built upon structures of direct democracy insures that people come together to make decisions collectively.

Come visit us again! We’re in the process of documenting the strike and will be posting more material here.